News and updates!

News and updates!

Well, it’s been a long time since I decided to start modifying the van’s suspension which was taking too long and got to the point where I couldn’t do it by myself anymore so I took the van to Insane Innovations where they are working on it and will make the S14 rear end and subframe work with the van and also will fabricate a full roll cage!! It’s not cheap work but it is going to be awesome!!!


I’ll upload photos as soon as I get an update from the shop.

On the other hand, I just could wait more until the van was ready to start driving, so I got me a 1978 Datsun 280Z which was already modified and prepared to take a 1JZ/2JZ engine, so I got a 1JZ VVTi turbo from Suspicious Garage, an R154 transmission from my buddy Bryan (driver of the 8-Bit Miata) and I’ve been putting everything together to get this car on the track as soon as possible.

280zgaragez (13)

280zgaragez (7)

I already started cleaning and painting the engine bay and doing some lightweight modifications to the doors

280zgarage (2)


The engine came with a pretty nice set of Greddy pulleys, but I still got a bunch of new parts, rear oil sump, rear main seal, a Driftmotion’s crank pulley, new clutch bearings and slave cylinder, some gaskets and new engine mounts. So I decided to get rid of everything I won’t need, cleaned up the engine and painte some parts to make it look nicer and cleaner.





So, there’s a progress update for you guys. I should be getting some photos of the van’s progress this weekend as well.

Oh and also WE ARE GOING TO FORMULA DRIFT LONG BEACH!!! See you there in a couple weeks!!!


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