Almost done with the 240SX rear clip

Well, today I restarted working on the 240SX rear clip, pretty much cutting everything that is not going to be needed out of the way to be able to get better measures and be able to clean up the parts that will stay.




On the side you can see my 240SX differential and pieces of a W58 transmission that I’m using to have an idea of how the engine and transmission will be mounted. I’m still not sure if I will use my W58 or an R154 transmission.



So pretty much the differential will bolt directly to the transmission with a custom “driveshaft” that will be as short as possible. I’m going to make a hybrid mini driveshaft that bolts into the 240SX differential and slides into a Toyota’s transmission.


Next step: Fully clean up of the 240SX rear clip and start tearing the Previa down…. Wish me luck!!!



BTW, My garage looks like a mess, but after removing all that sheet metal I also threw away a lot of stuff and the garage is starting to get cleaner, lol.


  1. good luck man, this is going to be one bad ass build. im glad to see someone doing something different.

  2. Gambateh!!!! When you are done, I am the next for my Previa! Yahoo!!!! ^.^

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